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Vol. 30
Issue 1(91)

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Prace oryginalne
Original papers

ASKER, K.I. (0000-0001-8884-4520), FOUAD, M.T. (0000-0001-9628-9707), BAHR, M.A. (0000-0002-6994-2827), EL-ATTAR, A.N. (0000-0002-8941-2815): Minimizing of tunneling effect on existing infrastructure in Egypt

AL-YASSRI, L.S. (0000-0002-2664-1506), AL-RAMAHEE, M.A. (0000-0002-1922-9871), AL-KHEKANI, A.M. (0000-0001-8474-6798): Experimental investigations on concrete beams reinforced with equivalent service steel pipe

NEAMAH, Z.A., AL-RAMAHEE, M.A. (0000-0002-1922-9871): Strengthening of bi-axially loaded RC slab-column connection using steel plates and stiffeners

FORNALCHYK, Y. (0000-0003-4137-0625), KERNYTSKYY, I. (0000-0001-6084-1774), HRYTSUN, O. (0000-0001-8391-9642), ROYKO, Y. (0000-0003-0055-9413): Choice of the rational regimes of traffic light control for traffic and pedestrian flows

UNAIBAYEV, B.Z. (0000-0002-4186-0010), UNAIBAYEV, B.B. (0000-0002-1593-2842), ANDREYACHSHENKO, V. (0000-0001-6933-8163): Cast-in-situ piles encasements based on oil-bituminous rocks (kirs) in saline soils

JAFER, H. (0000-0001-8740-9535), JAWAD, I. (0000-0003-0940-9681), MAJEED, Z. (0000-0002-5057-6003), SHUBBAR, A. (0000-0001-5609-1165): The development of an ecofriendly binder containing high volume of cement replacement by incorporating two by-product materials for the use in soil stabilization

PODAWCA, K. (0000-0001-5261-6657), GRZYMAŁA, A.: Comparative analysis of selected features of traditional and photocatalytical paving stones

ALQUZWEENI, S.S., HASSAN, A.A., ALKIZWINI, R.S.: A novel application of building demolition waste for removal benzene from aqueous solutions

ABDULLAD, Z.K., AL-SAMARRAI, S.Y. (0000-0002-0389-1991): Modified solid ion-selective electrode for potentiometric determination of sulfide in oil refineries water

FIKRI, E. (0000-0001-7196-6011), HANIFATI, D., HIDAYAH, N.: Differences in thickness variations of activated carbon in decreasing oil and grease levels using modified grease trap on the canteen wastewater

HA, P.T.H. (0000-0002-7277-7674), HOA, N.T., BINH, P.T.: Simple method to improve the TCXDVN 306:2004 indoor climate standard for closed office workplaces in Vietnam

HUSSAIN, Z. (0000-0002-5671-7030), KHAN, M.S., KUNDI, H., ALAF, K., ULLAH, K.: Assessment of integrated indoor environmental air quality parameters in selected church buildings of Faisalabad city: a statistical based comparative study

ADEEB, H.Q. (0000-0003-3051-8110), AL-TIMIMI, Y.K. (0000-0001-5820-0345): Change on detection of vegetation cover and soil salinity using GIS technique in Diyala Governorate, Iraq

ALHUMAIMA, A.S. (0000-0003-0895-6413), ABDULLAEV, S.M. (0000-0003-0405-704X): The sensitivity of vegetation in the lower Tigris basin landscapes to regional and global climate variability

MOHSEN, A.Z.A., AL-JIBOORI, M.H., AL-TIMIMI, Y.K.: Estimation of roughness and zero-displacement heights over Baghdad utilizing remote sensing and GIS techniques

QUBAA, A. (0000-0001-6805-2200), AL-HAMDANI, S. (0000-0003-4346-0587): Detecting abuses in archaeological areas using k-mean clustering analysis and UAVs/drones data

ROOMI, T.O. (0000-0002-5764-5075), ABED, A.S. (0000-0001-5175-904X): Estimating gaseous pollutants in the air near Daura Refinery, Daura Power Plant and South of Baghdad Power Plant by calculating the fuel discharge

MAKAMA, E.K. (0000-0001-7074-0037), LIM, H.S. (0000-0002-4835-8015): Inter-annual and seasonal patterns of precipitable water vapour over Malaysia from 1990–2019 based on MERRA-2 reanalysis